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Staff Directory

Eagle Lake Intermediate School

701 Tate St.
Eagle Lake, TX 77434
(979) 234-3531 ext. 1400
3rd, 4th, & 5th Grade

Name & Email Position
Administrative Staff
Gene Glover Principal
Nicole Robinson Secretary
Leigh Ann Hudgins Counselor
School Nurse
Theresa Stanley Nurse (Thursdays)
Instructional Staff
Luticia Standberry 3rd Grade Teacher (Math/Science)
Jeanne Young 3rd Grade Teacher (Reading/LA)
Susie Mora 3rd Grade Teacher (Math/Science)
Ana Marquez 3rd Grade Teacher (Reading/LA)
Stephen Meredith 4th Grade Teacher (Reading/LA)
Joy Engelbrecht 4th Grade Teacher (Math/Science)
Carolyn Fowler 4th Grade Teacher (Math/Science)
Katelyn Willems 4th Grade Teacher (Reading/LA)
Bernice Vasquez 5th Grade Teacher (Science)
Amy Fearing 5th Grade Teacher (Math)
Amy Ausmus 5th Grade Teacher (Reading/LA/Social Studies)
Margaret Kelly Special Education Teacher
Rayneil Nelson Special Education Teacher
Brooke de la Garza Reading Facilitator
Carrie Grigar Math Facilitator
Taylor Tevebaugh Music Teacher
Savannah Konvicka Art Teacher
Doyle Kornegay P.E. Teacher
Vicki Polak ESL Coordinator
Shannon Villarreal District Dyslexia Coordinator
Instructional Aides
Kaylen Neubauer Special Ed Paraprofessional
Jason Rodriguez             P.E. Paraprofessional
Sharon Geigley Library Paraprofessional
Natalie Gonzales ISS Paraprofessional
Food Services Staff
Anastasia Stovall Cafeteria Manager
Norma Castillo Cafeteria Staff
Aurelia Vasquez Cafeteria Staff
Custodial Staff
RD Kuykendall Maintenance
Shelly Casanova Custodian
Gloria Williams Custodian
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